Award Winning UK made E-liquids.Trusted by Millions of Vapers around the World.Dr Vapes started in 2016, with brothers Mo and Mortaza mixing and experimenting with e-liquid flavours in their own home.

Aroming flavours were created while searching for a solution. Shisha in the GCC region has long been a habit and tradition, yet with an increase of people looking for no nicotine options and lack of alternatives in the market, we decided to create something extraordinary to fill that gap. We are proud to introduce you to the final product that has a stronger taste, longer time use and zero harmful chemicals than that of normal shisha flavour.

No Tobacco No Nicotine
Food Security Certificate by FDA

Moments of Ecstasy is a premium flavoured tobacco molasses. Produced in Germany, it is madae from pure fruit glycerin, natural flavour, mixed with quality Virginia tobacco. This new collective of unique molasses flavours, enhance the moments to create an exceptional experience. The Dynamite and Ecstasy series are the latest in the era of exotic molasses. These flavours were imagined and inspired by Asian cocktail mixtures to stand out from the rivals and intensify all shisha smoking settings.

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