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Cactus is an international multi-commodities trading company specialising in sourcing quality commodities globally, focusing on best practises, high quality and excellent service. Based in the Middle East’s biggest multi commodity free zone, Cactus has significant experience in operations of exporting and importing worldwide.

At Cactus, we aim to be one of the most advanced organisations in trading, by sourcing the world’s finest commodities and engaging with communities that rely on us to expose their produce. Cactus helps grow the market by increasing efficiency of how we store and ship our commodities, guaranteeing quality, efficient delivery, and experience.

We cooperate with global & local experts and professionals to discover the best resources.

  • Smoking Material
  • Spices
  • Coffee Beans
  • Firewood & Coal
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Food & Beverage

Why Cactus?

We have an unwavering belief that genuine produce and equality in trade can cause a wave of change in the market. Forging strong relationships amongst the different parties can positively impact the environment. We have 6 core values around which our work revolves.


Dedication towards the people we work with in all aspects of the chain, is a key factor of keeping the supply chain, high quality.


Most of our clients have clients of their own, and we’re here to have your back, providing you with the products necessary to foster trust and loyalty.


We care about our clients’ satisfaction, and therefore offer respectable prices, reflecting the high standard quality of products.


The Cactus Team is a group of seasoned professionals and dedicated employees that give their all daily and find meaning in their work.


Efficiency in streamlining processes that enable effortless interaction, timely delivery of all products and services.


Each of us has a responsibility towards how our future looks in the impending years to come.


We see it as our mission to confirm that best practices are used throughout the harvesting and picking stages by our suppliers globally to increase excellence in our final product.


Our global network provides our partners across the globe with assurance of high-quality products, timely logistics, the best service, promptly delivered.


An important factor when sourcing products from around the globe is ensuring correct storage with controlled environments, thereby preserving the quality of the product.

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