Multi Commodities Trading DMCC

Cactus was established in 2016 as an international multi-commodities trading company specialising in sourcing quality commodities globally, focusing on best practises, high quality and excellent service. Based in the Middle East's biggest multi commodity free zone, Cactus has significant experience in operations of exporting and importing worldwide.


“ Strengthen our place in the market for trading traditional commodities. Position ourselves to be one of the major distributors for all smoking products across the region. Penetrate the future of trading, utilizing cryptocurrency. ”


Strengthen our position by remaining connected to key trade routes. Contribute to the communities that we work with my advancing ourselves using sophisticated technologies. Increase presence within the current countries that we operate and expand into other geographically and agriculturally rich regions.

Commit to becoming the leading distributor for the GCC region, for all lower-risk smoking materials. Adapt to the changes within the tobacco market, by offering the biggest choice of premium range products, while staying transparent to the effects, and taking a stance on underage smoking.

Looking into the future, we plan to adapt to trading changes, merge our business into the impending world of Cryptocurrency, through innovative learning, adapting, and evolving our business into a multimillion company by the year 2032.

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